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Synchronous Growth    provides integrated commercial and leadership expertise to early-revenue, sustainability-focused manufacturers, helping entrepreneurs achieve a synergy that maximizes growth, de-risks investment, and achieves financial objectives

consistent with mission, vision, and values.


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Strengthen Entrepreneurial Skills 

  • Clarify values & priorities

  • Recruit and build high-performing teams

  • Improve communications & process flow

  • Think strategically & solve complex problems with data-driven decisions 

  • Align customer touchpoints with value proposition & brand

De-risk Investors’ Positions

  • Accelerate path to profitability

  • Reduce day-to-day oversight

  • Improve strategic focus

  • Rapidly obtain data around key metrics

  • Align actions with growth strategy


  • Free, initial goal-setting consultation

  • Full-day, in-depth assessment plus matrix scoring and preliminary recommendations

  • Detailed report with customized path to growth

  • Coaching & support to develop and implement accountable processes

  • Scheduled follow-up reviews and coaching to facilitate successful implementation

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Our Story

Cassie and Karla met through the Veteran community and connected immediately. Karla helped Cassie with her brand identity when she was preparing to retire from the military and launch her leadership coaching and consulting business, Iterata Solutions, Inc. Cassie provided Karla with coaching to help her gain clarity and advance her own venture, KDT Business Strategies,

a B2B marketing and business development consulting firm.


They gained so much insight working with each other, they knew they had to collaborate and bring that combined value to other purpose-driven founders. 


Karla understands founders who love their inventions but loathe the commercialization process. Cassie knows first hand the critical role leadership plays in the success of any venture. And so, with Karla's 30 years of experience in the chemical manufacturing industry, including running her own business, and Cassie's 25 years of leadership experience, the concept of

Synchronous Growth emerged.


Synchronous Growth    helps innovative founder-CEOs develop leadership and commercial systems, bringing tools to elevate leadership and realize their long-term vision. We are passionate about working with founders who have disruptive technology or business models because, in our experience, visionary leaders make the most effective CEOs in the long term.  


Our innovative, proprietary model provides consulting and coaching to synchronously implement commercial processes, develop leadership skills, and build strong, purpose-driven teams that live the company’s values. Developing leadership and commercial systems is not an either/or proposition. The synergy of effective leadership and accountable processes enables companies

to provide enduring value to their stakeholders and change the world.


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M.B.A., Certified Leadership Coach

Cassie served 24 years in the US Army as a logistics officer and strategic planner, developing leaders and building high-performing teams. She holds an MBA in Organizational Leadership from Norwich University and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. She helps entrepreneurs gain clarity, build purpose-driven teams, and master their inner game. Visit her company website here.

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Karla  earned a BS in biology from the US Air Force Academy and an MBA from Babson College. She spent 30 years in the chemical manufacturing industry, in corporate marketing and management and as the owner of a chemical manufacturing & systems design company. Her consultancy helps entrepreneurs commercialize innovative, sustainable technology. Visit her company website here.

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